What material of chinchilla wheel is good for their health

Choose hard plastic running wheel:

chinchillas special silent running wheel is usually made of hard plastic with slippery surface, this kind of material is the same as the kind of material used by hamsters, but it is a bigger version, that kind of plastic is anti-chewing. The plastic is chew-proof, not metal with latticework, and should not be a pain in the ass. This material running wheel not only meets the needs of the activities of the chinchillas, but also does not affect the health of the chinchillas6.

Avoid choosing too small plastic running wheels:

chinchillas may chew plastic, and choosing too small plastic running wheels may have an impact on the health of chinchillas. Therefore, we need to avoid choosing plastic running wheels that are too small.

Choose a strong and durable running wheel:

when the chinchilla runs at full speed inside the running wheel, the running wheel may suddenly break down. Therefore, we need to choose strong and durable running wheels to prevent this from happening.

Choose a quiet running wheel:

chinchillas may be sensitive to noise, therefore, we need to choose a quiet running wheel to avoid interference with the chinchilla's life, so that the chinchilla can exercise in a quiet environment.

In general, for the suitable running wheel material for chinchillas, we should choose a running wheel made of hard plastic, avoid choosing a plastic running wheel that is too small, choose a strong and durable running wheel, as well as choose a quiet running wheel. This can provide a comfortable and safe exercise environment for chinchillas.

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