Pros and cons of chinchillas as pets

Pros of owning a chinchilla:

  1. Gentle , not aggressive: chinchillas have a very good personalities, usually very good behavior, do not have any aggressiveness.
  2. Not easy to get sick: chinchillas belong to the plateau animals, not easy to get sick, but also can keep the body clean by themselves, basically will not be infected with parasites.
  3. Will not smell bad and basically will not shed hair: chinchillas are a single vegetarian animal, so its feces are oval-shaped pellets and dry, and will not smell bad, and it will not be a problem to keep it indoors. The chinchilla's fur is exceptionally soft and is virtually hairless.
  4. Can be raised in a cage: chinchillas can be raised in a cage with other chinchillas, which can reduce a lot of trouble for first-time pet owners.
  5. Active: chinchillas are active, full of curiosity, and like to study new things.
  6. Love being clean and will bathe by itself: chinchillas love being clean and will bathe by themselves with bath sand, without the need for their owners to worry about them.
  7. Friendly to people: chinchillas are friendly to people, will be happy to play with you, is a good companion animal.

Cons of owning a chinchilla:

  1. Sensitive nerves, screaming when scared: chinchillas have sensitive nerves and may scream when frightened or emotionally unstable
  2. High feeding requirements, feeding time should be fixed: chinchillas have high dietary requirements and feeding time should be fixed, which requires owners to have certain feeding experience
  3. Strong self-esteem: chinchillas have strong self-esteem and do not like to be forced to do things they do not want to do
  4. The breeding environment is strict and requires a relatively large space: chinchillas require a strict breeding environment and require a large space, which requires a certain amount of preparation of the breeding environment.
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