WIDE SPACE TO RUN -- 15" Aluminum alloy chinchilla wheels

SLIENT RUNNER -- Adopt high quality stainless steel bearing

STURDY -- Special anti-loosening screws

SAFE -- No splicing welding marks and sharp edges,

Customer reviews

  •  Chinchillas love this wheel

    I definitely feel like this wheel is a great choice. The quality is well worth it and my chinchillas are happy. -- M_Benson1980

  •  Degu approved

    Wheel is wide enough for a chinchilla. Would also be great for rats and degus. My backup plan if Peaches didn't like the wheel was to use it for my Russian tortoise so, very versatile. -- Niki McAlister

  • 10 outta 10

    It’s way better than our old wheel that was extremely loud you can hear them running on it but it’s practically silent :)) hope this helps ! <3 -- kaylah

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