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15" YKD Chinchilla Exercise Spinning Wheel, Small Animals Habitat Accessory

15" YKD Chinchilla Exercise Spinning Wheel, Small Animals Habitat Accessory

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-Why choose YKD?

  • The Chinchilla spinning wheel is made from high-quality Aluminum alloy material. One-piece molding process with high-temperature baking treatment for long-lasting performance.
  • No splicing welding marks and sharp edges, frosted flat surface treatment, protect your pets' feet.
  • Diameter 15". 4 Colors are available Blue, Pink, Black, Purple.
  • Stainless steel bearings are durable and ultra-quiet, supported by an innovative X-shaped bracket, stabler than ever.
  • Non-toxic, no exposed edges, no plastic.
  • Anti-loose screws are solid and safer to use.
  • Easy to install.

-Material Matters

If your chinchilla has never used an exercise wheel before, it may take a while for them to get used to it or learn how to use it!

YKD chinchilla spinning wheel uses aluminum alloy as the main material and has a wider runway, suitable for adult-sized chinchillas. Aluminum alloy is light enough for a Chinchilla to start using it easily. When the running speed slows down, the speed of the running wheel also slows down. There is no danger that the chinchilla suddenly stops running while the running wheel continues to rotate so that the chinchilla is thrown out by the rotation of the running wheel.


-Process treatment

YKD chinchilla run wheel adopts a one-piece molding and stretching process, you can't find any traces of splicing and welding at all, safe for their leg.

No need to be worried about the running wheel being damaged and divided into two.

The entire surface of the running wheel was with a non-toxic coating and then baked at 80 degrees, and finally created a high-end frosted texture, which is wear-resistant and non-slip, so that small animals feel a stronger grip when running. And don't be afraid of losing paint, we give the edge of the reinforced treatment, no deformation burden. Finely crafted treatments can be used for a lifetime. With high safety and quality, it is a great value for money.


-Great choice of habitat accessories for small animals

YKD small animals exercise wheel is the easiest, most affordable way to ensure your chinchilla is staying overall healthy, happy, and active, so if you want a happy chinchilla, a YKD exercise wheel is a good choice! 

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