How to choose the chinchilla wheel?


When choosing a running wheel for chinchillas, the size is a very important consideration. The size of the running wheel must meet the basic needs of chinchillas, usually 15'', this size can meet the needs of the activities of the chinchillas, but also will not be too large or too small for the health of the chinchillas. A running wheel that is too small is completely incompatible with the nature and body structure of chinchillas, which will gnaw on the plastic to cause death by intestinal obstruction, and the long-term use of a 10'' running wheel will affect the health of their spine.


When choosing a running wheel, choose a matel one with a metal rim, do not choose one with holes to prevent the foot from falling. The chinchillas may chew the plastic, so choose a wheel made of non-toxic material that is not easy to be chewed.


After you buy it, you can modify it to increase the resistance of the running wheel center shaft to reduce the speed of the running wheel to prevent accidents too quickly. This can ensure the safety of the chinchillas, but also reduce the noise, do not affect the surrounding environment

Interest of chinchillas

It should be noted that not all chinchillas will be interested in running wheels, and it may take some time to observe whether the chinchilla is interested in running wheels.

Overall, when choosing a running wheel for chinchillas, you need to consider factors such as size, material, modification and the interest of the chinchilla to ensure that the chinchilla is able to exercise in a safe and comfortable environment and improve its quality of life.

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